Born in 1955, Panningen, The Netherlands
Lives and works in Hilversum, Utrecht, The Netherlands


1975 - 1980 Academy of Fine Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands
1985 - 1987 Stipend, Fund of Fine Arts


1987 Longlist Prix de Rome
1987 Shortlist PS1 art prize residency


Professor, Academy of Fine Arts, Kampen, The Netherlands

2019 Althuis Hofland fine arts, ‘A vase is a painting is a sculpture’, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2017 Ornis A. Gallery, 'Selection 1985 - 2017 - Beware of the red painting', Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2015 Ornis A. Gallery, 'Crazy woman', curated by Hanne Hagenaars, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013 Ornis A. Gallery, ‘Brown Sugar’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012 Museum Het Valkhof, ‘Beyond Beauty’, curated by Frank van de Schoor, Nijmegen,
         The Netherlands
         Ornis A. Gallery, ‘Because you’re a wonderful wife’, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2011 deWILLEM3, ‘Women, Women, Women’, Vlissingen, The Netherlands
2010 Museum ‘Het land van Thorn’, ‘Madonna’s’, Thorn, The Netherlands
2009 Cultural centre de Halle, curated by Kris Cuypers, Geel, Belgium
         Stux Gallery, ‘Cruel Beauty’, New York, USA
2008 Cobra Museum for Modern Art, curated by Jan Hein Sassen, Amstelveen,
         The Netherlands
2007 MARTa Herford Museum, ‘Cruel Beauty’ curated by Jan Hoet, Herford, Germany
2006 Flatland Gallery, Utrecht, The Netherlands
         Gallery Helga Hofman, Alphen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands
2001 Gallery Helga Hofman, ‘Hommage aan Matisse’, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands
1996 The Surinaams Museum, Fort Zeelandia, Suriname
1993 Gallery Fred Dorfman, ‘This can also happen to your children’, New York, USA
1991 Gallery Barbara Farber, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1990 Gallery Duràn, Madrid, Spain
         Gallery Bébert, ‘Pictures from an exhibition’, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1989 Gallery Bébert, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1988 Gallery Hans Gieles, ‘First Blossom’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1986 Galerie Hans Gieles, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
         Museum Het Kruithuis, ‘Schilderijen - gouaches 1985/1986’, ’s Hertogenbosch,
         The Netherlands
1985 Gallery Hans Gieles, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2020 Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, ‘Poeticising Leisure’ with Polina Barskaya, Katarina Janeckova, Not Giniger and Marliz Frencken
2019 Hans Alf gallery, ‘Both Hand on the Weel’, Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 New Release Gallery, ‘Ain’t them body saints’, New York, USA
         Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, Fabric Faces, Powder Phrases with: Vaginal Davis, Marliz Frenken, Sophie Lee, Soshiro Matsubara, Hannah Perry, Julie Verhoeven, Isabel
         Yellin, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2016 Galerie van Gelder, ‘When friendship becomes art’ (i.a. Marlene Dumas, Marliz Frencken, Voebe de Gruyter, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Kristján Gudmundsson,
         Mike Kelley, Sigmar Polke, Dieter Roth, Lily van der Stokker), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2015 Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, ‘Arcadia’ curated by Hanne Hagenaars & Heske ten Cate
         Peter Kilchmann gallery, ‘When things cast shadow’, Zurich, Switzerland
         Ornis A. Gallery, ‘German promises (invited by Armin Boehm)’, Amsterdam
2014 Ornis A. Gallery, ‘+/- A4’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013 Various locations, ‘Middle Gate Geel 13’ curator Jan Hoet, Geel, Belgium
         Cokkie Snoei, ‘As Tears Go By’, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
         Ornis A. Gallery, ‘Un été spectaculaire’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012 Ornis A. Gallery, ‘Personalities on paper’, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2011 Museum Flehite, ‘Madonna’s’, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
         Galerie Wanda Reiff, Maastricht, The Netherlands
2008 Centraal Museum, De Utrechtse Salon, curated by Robbert Roos, Utrecht,
         The Netherlands
2006 Gallery Peninsula, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2004 Gallery Graus, curated by Wanda Reiff, Echt, The Netherlands
2005 DeWillem3, Vlissingen, The Netherlands
2003 Museum Jan Cunen, ‘exhibition Red Cross Foundation’, Oss, The Netherlands
2001 Brutto Gusto, ‘Vette Vazen’, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1999 Gallery Helga Hofman, Alphen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands
1998 Centraal Museum, ‘De Utrechtse Salon’, Utrecht, The Netherlands
1997 Fries Museum, ‘Pop Art’, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
         Gallery Quintessence in Villa Bloemenheuvel, Zeist, The Netherlands
1994 Centraal Museum, De Stelling, Utrecht, The Netherlands
1993 Arti et Amiciciae, ‘Morgen Gemaakt’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
         Arti et Amiciciae, ‘Realities’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
         Gallery Ton Peek, ‘Nieuw Portret van een Galerie’, Utrecht, The Netherlands
1992 Museum Circulo de Bellas Artes, ‘Realities’, Madrid, Spain
         Gemeentemuseum Roermond, ‘De mensen en de dingen’, Roermond,
         The Netherlands
         Rijksmuseum Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
1991 Biennial of Obidos, Bio-International, Portugal
         Gallery Duràn, ‘El Apartamento’, Madrid, Spain
         Frans Halsmuseum, Souvenirs, Haarlem, The Netherlands
1990 Château-Musée Grimaldi, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
         APAC centre d’art contemporain nevers, “AVEC:” curated by Eric Troncy Nevers, France
1989 Halle Sud, Haut Pay Bas, Geneva, Switzerland
         Rijksmuseum Twente, ‘Rijksaankopen 1988’, Enschede, The Netherlands
         Gallery Nikki Diana Marquardt, Paris, France
1987 Gallery Westersingel 8, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1986 De Gele Rijder, Arnhem, The Netherlands
1985 Paleis op de Dam, ‘Koninklijke Subsidie voor Vrije Schilderkunst’, Amsterdam,
         The Netherlands

MARTa Herford Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Herford, Germany
Centraal Museum Collection, The Netherlands
Museum De Lakenhal, The Netherlands
Rubell collection, USA
Zeno X Gallery, Frank Demaegd Collection, Belgium
Anton Henning Collection, Germany
Jan de Nul Collection, Belgium
Drakes collection, The Netherlands
Van den Ende Collection, The Netherlands
Caldenborgh Collection, The Netherlands
Torch Gallery, Adriaan van der Have Collection, The Netherlands